Letter from the Designer

by stuart lombard

The launch of epochjournal.com is the culmination of months of learning and practise. This was truly a labour of love, and it was built for a dual-purpose: To move The Epoch Journal forward, and to save money for the Polity. In the midst of the budgetary crisis of the 2017 Spring Semester, the Epoch’s budget was on the verge of being cut down. Like many clubs, we were wondering what was going to have to be sacrificed in order to make ends meet. My solution to the problem was to build something that could reach the entire Polity while keeping costs low, something like a website.

When I started to look into the logistics of building it, I noticed that the Epoch used to have a small WordPress website about six years ago. Through looking at what is left of it, and reading past issues of the Journal, I saw the changes that had occurred between then and now.

For an interesting look into the past, look at the Winter 2010 issue, which can be found on the Issues page. You will see that the covers used to feature full artwork that made the Journal very aesthetically pleasing. One of the more notable changes is that the Journal no longer receives advertising from Chick and Ruth’s Delly, a feature of those earlier issues. There used to also be book reviews in the Journal, something which we have gotten away from. But how about we change that? As Johnnies, we are always reading, and sometimes we even get to read non-programme books. Why not write a short piece on an interesting book you just read? If you have a unique insight, we want to see it.

Having a website opens up many new and exciting possibilities for The Epoch Journal, and for the greater St John’s College community, few of which I realised when starting the development process. We now have the ability to publish on a rolling-basis. I encourage you all to write for the Journal, and to imagine your name not only in print, but in a place that you can easily share.

We are hoping to have the Summer 2017 issue released by Long Weekend. Please rest assured that the print edition of The Epoch Journal will not be disappearing. More will be announced concerning the future of The Epoch Journal within the coming weeks and will be announced here first.

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